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The Circulation Booster

formerly Electro-Reflexologist

Let's face it,  you don't get enough these days !

Exercise that is . . . So improve your health with The Circulation Booster.

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Importance of Blood Circulation and Energy

Effective circulation of both energy and blood is vital to your health.  You probably know that.  But here are some fundamentals that will help you to realise how beneficial The Circulation Booster may be to you.

Increase Blood Circulation

What is it with the need to increase blood circulation or more to the point, what it blood circulation exactly?

Well, put in layman's terms, it's simply the movement of blood through the body.  Blood circulation is when the blood moves around the body inside what is known as the circulatory system.

The circulatory system is made up of blood vessels (otherwise called arteries), veins and capillaries.  Our heart (which never gets a day off!) continuously pumps the blood through our vessels until the day we die or encounter serious problems.

If you have been advised by a doctor to increase blood circulation, then it means your problem is that you are suffering from poor circulation to begin with.

Okay, but why is it so important to increase blood circulation in the first place?

Your body needs the right amount of blood flow in order to keep the heart pumping.  When the heart is pumping blood correctly, we have no problems keeping our arms, legs, hands and feet moving, and also, good blood circulation keeps our brains functioning properly too.

So it's not difficult to see that the movement of blood throughout our bodies is absolutely crucial for our existence and if we suffer from poor blood circulation it can have dire repercussions if left untreated.

Some of the common symptoms of poor blood circulation may include -

  • tingling sensation or numbness of either the hands or feet (otherwise known as Neuropathy);

  • a shortness of breath; lack of energy; irregular heart beats; poor memory;

  • a lack of stamina.

So there are some of the symptoms but what are the conditions?

The most common conditions associated with poor blood pressure are -

  • arthritis,

  • angina (or chest pains),

  • that silent killer, otherwise known as high blood pressure, heart disease,

  • diabetes, and

  • high LDL cholesterol.

Perhaps you can see now why those of us with poor flow need to increase blood circulation as quickly as possible.

Fortunately, like most of today's conditions, there are preventative measures that can be taken and prevention is always better than cure right.

One very convenient way to boost you blood circulation to all parts of your body is to regularly use The Circulation Booster.


Boosting Natural Energies

Everything that exists is energy.  Atoms, the fundamental component of objects in a physical form, are held together by an electromagnetic force.  That is basic energy.  It follow that maintaining the flow of energy is vital for sustaining body systems on a physical level.  Indeed, every healing involves energy conveyed in some form or other.

Energy circulates within the physical body along meridians, similar to the blood, nerve and lymphatic circuits.  The meridians control the workings of the main organs and systems of the body.  For each organ to maintain a perfect state of health, the natural energy must be able to flow freely along the meridian.


Reflexologists believe that specific zones on the soles of the feet are linked to internal organs.  Areas on the soles of the feet that are sensitive to pressure and pain allegedly indicate signs of internal illness.  The foot reflexology theory suggests that intensive massaging of these points helps to improve the healing mechanisms.

The American doctor, Dr. William Fitzgerald, did more to codify foot reflexology in the early part of last Century (actually about 1913).  He divided the body into 10 vertical and 3 horizontal zones which ended proportionally in the soles of the feet.

All of us very often take our bodies for granted and put continual demands on ourselves. Our hands and feet are not an exception. They are frequently just neglected; discomforts and small twinges often go unheeded. However, there is a great power of massage which provides the means to ease possible tensions, pain and revitalize weight-bearing parts of the human body.

* Free trial of The Circulation Booster at the discretion of Tim Leitch and subject to reasonable proximity or you must pay all travel costs.

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