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What The Circulation Booster does

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The Circulation Booster

formerly Electro-Reflexologist

Let's face it,  you don't get enough these days !

Exercise that is . . . So improve your health with The Circulation Booster.

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What The Circulation Booster does.

The Circulation Booster is a therapeutic device that increases blood circulation by applying effective deep muscle stimulation to your feet and calves.

Scientific evidence has shown that mild electrical muscle stimulation when applied to the feet can increase blood circulation significantly by activating all the muscles in the soles of the feet and calf.

With age or genetics, many people suffer narrowing or reduced elasticity of the veins.  This restricts normal blood flow, regardless of how much exercise you do.

The Circulation Booster performs therapeutic muscle stimulation which is easy-to-do. Applied through its large foot pads, The Circulation Booster has been proven to give you all the benefits of improved blood circulation fast.

How The Circulation Booster increases your blood circulation


  • The Circulation Booster has two large foot pads to place your feet and easy-to-use controls to personalise the level of muscle stimulation.
  • Simply plug The Circulation Booster into the mains, place both your feet on the large foot pads and find a comfortable setting.
  • Mild electrical impulses will stimulate the thousands of nerve endings in the soles of your feet, feeling like a pleasant “tingling”.  This in turn works the muscles of the calf much like gentle exercise.
  • Immediately the blood is circulated throughout the foot and pumped back up through the legs, improving your blood circulation and reducing fluid retention around the ankles.
  • With regular use of The Circulation Booster, you will experience a significant improvement in blood circulation and reduced swelling within 4 weeks.

What results can you expect?

Clinical studies support this method of application.  It has been shown that the use of muscle stimulation of the feet, as well as the calf, can:

  • reduce foot and ankle swelling1

  • increases blood flow throughout the lower limbs thereby reducing the risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT)2

  • increase pain-free walking associated with arthritis, neuropathy or circulation disorders3

By using The Circulation Booster regularly, you will experience the benefits of improved circulation and general wellbeing.


Target specific areas

The Circulation Booster also includes six electrode pads (which are similar to traditional TENS pads).  You can use these to target points of pain such as sore knees or an aching back, or apply the pads to acupressure points. You can also use this facility to tone specific muscle groups.

You can easily manage the intensity and duration of each treatment using the remote control.

Diagram showing specific body areas the where pain can be eased


1. Effect of Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation on Foot/Ankle Volume during Standing, King’s College London, UK: W Man IO, Lepar GS, Morrissey MC, Cywinski JK (April 2003)

2. Electrical Foot Stimulation and Implications for the Prevention of Venous Thromboembolic Disease, The State University of New York, USA: Kaplan RE, Czyrny JJ, Fung TS, Unsworth JD, Hirsh J. (2002)

3. Chronic transcutaneous electrical stimulation of calf muscles improves functional capacity without inducing systemic inflammation in claudicants, University of Birmingham, UK: Anderson SI, Whatling P, Hudlicka O, Gosling P, Simms M, Brown MD (2004)

To obtain more information about The Circulation Booster, and try one out with a view to getting it for yourself or someone you care about, please contact -

Contact     Tim Leitch

Phone       +64 9 4491750

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* Free trial of The Circulation Booster at the discretion of Tim Leitch and subject to reasonable proximity or you must pay all travel costs.


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