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The Circulation Booster

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The Circulation Booster

formerly Electro-Reflexologist

Let's face it,  you don't get enough these days !

Exercise that is . . . So improve your health with The Circulation Booster.

FREE trial of The Circulation Booster  ... just ask ... some conditions apply*

You can do this right in your most comfortable chair, while relaxing !

Introducing The Circulation Booster

A proven way to increase blood circulation, reduce swelling and ease aches & pains

The Circulation Booster is an amazing stimulator of reflex zones to improve circulation and enhance your body's own natural maintenance and healing.

This is a new and innovative therapeutic device that could make a real difference to your quality of life.

The Circulation Booster could help you if you suffer the discomfort of:

  • poor circulation
  • swollen feet or ankles
  • painful legs or feet when walking
  • or have sore muscles or aching joints

Stimulating muscle contraction to increase blood flow, The Circulation Booster has helped thousands of people improve their mobility and general wellbeing.  Just 30 minutes a day while watching TV, reading or working at your desk will give you significant, long lasting improvement.

The Circulation Booster can assist in improving your circulation and in relieving the symptoms of sore or cold feet, arthritis, muscular injury and swollen ankles that can make daily living uncomfortable.  The Circulation Booster is registered as a medical device.  Using medically approved static currents and a series of varying waveforms, The Circulation Booster stimulates the nerves to promote muscle action, improving circulation and providing a general full-body reflexology treatment.

The Circulation Booster

A compact physiotherapeutic device developed by doctors and engineers based on traditional foot reflexology and acupuncture theories.

The ER-839 will stimulate reflex zones, acupoints, muscles and capillaries, improving circulation and enhancing your body's natural healing.


The Circulation Booster's stimulation of reflex zones on your feet can provide relief from common ailments and aid general health.

Additional pads that come with the device can also be placed anywhere on your body allowing you to target specific points of pain or distress . . .

. . . seen here on the back to easy those tired shoulders

In just 30-minutes a day you can ease the stress of you feet and legs, get circulation back to your feet and stimulate all reflex meridians so you body will be more vital.

This will allow you to better enjoy the life you deserve to be enjoying.

The Circulation Booster has been found to be beneficial for improving health generally.

Just look at some of the great testimonials about the wide range of health issues people have found it beneficial for.
click on this link ...  Testimonials

Contact me to get yours  -  or one for someone you care about.  It makes a great gift.

The Circulation Booster is not expensive.  For the benefits it will provide for your health it really is worth every penny.
And since you use it yourself, there are no other on-going therapy costs for you to bear.  That really does make it worthwhile for maintaining health.

Contact     Tim Leitch

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Email         Tim Leitch

* Free trial of The Circulation Booster at the discretion of Tim Leitch and subject to reasonable proximity or you must pay all travel costs.

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