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WARNING!  EMF radiation from this PC depletes your bioenergy! Get protection for your safety!

  Tim Leitch Surveyor
& Loss Adjuster

   Scales of Justice so vital to the Adjusting profession

A very effective practitioner in all such work.

Experienced in fields of surveying, including
 insolvency surveys, enquiries and investigations, risk management, cargo claims, insurance claims and liabilities.


For prompt survey attention & effective enquiries

The Badge Team image

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The Badge Team, Northern

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but please come back to me.

Tim Leitch, Northern Manager, The Badge Team

tel._09 449 1750_or_022_492 1904

  Email re classy Name Badges and more

Tim Leitch Bioenergy

Your health at risk from exposure to invisible EMF radiation !

More and more research shows risks to health from exposure to electropollution.

Get GIA Wellness protection to avoid
adverse health effects. Click to enlarge

Thermographic image display of head heating by Cellphone and reduction of this by GIA Cell Guard

Avoid cellphone brain cancer & computer EMR and EMF stress!  Enjoy a new generation of wellness.

You can also enhance your bioenergy for better performance and feeling less stress.

Not getting enough ..?

Exercise, that is !  

Electro-Reflexologist to energise your circulation and health    

  Get The Circulation Booster

(formerly ElectroReflexologist)

Stimulate your foot energy to
boost vital circulation and lymph flow,
relieve aches and pains,
improve mobility & general health.


Bays Neighbourhood Watch

Logo of National Neighbourhood Watch Association  

East Coast Bays, North Shore City, NZ

For safety and security
in our community .....

The way to make your property and those you care about more secure and to make your community a safer place is for you to make an effort with a concept like
Neighbourhood Watch - Support.

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    Tim Leitch Bioenergy EMR Dangers

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    Bioenergy boosting & EMR protection

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QLN - Quality Life Network

Issues North Shore & local government


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