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Testimonials on The Circulation Booster

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The Circulation Booster

formerly Electro-Reflexologist

Let's face it,  you don't get enough these days !

Exercise that is . . . So improve your health with The Circulation Booster.

FREE trial of The Circulation Booster  ... just ask ... some conditions apply*

Testimonials of the Circulation Booster

Thousands of people around the world are already benefiting from this proven technology. Therapists and users of The Circulation Booster provides strong anecdotal evidence of its effectiveness.  Here are just some.  They range over a wide spectrum of ailments and health problems.  There are many more available.


"I am on my feet all day and work long hours with clients and by the end of the day I could hardly feel my legs and by the end of the week my head, neck and shoulders were in bad shape.  Then a friend introduced me to The Circulation Booster.  After using it I feel full of energy and so relaxed and can think clearly again.  I highly recommend it to anyone interested in improving their health, mobility and overall wellbeing.  A big thank you!"     V., Melbourne.


"After having used The Circulation Booster only a few days I am finding myself enjoying walking longer distances because my feet feel so comfortable and energized."       Name Withheld.


"I would like to let you know how impressed I am with your Circulation Booster machine.  I've had both Ross River Fever and Denge Fever. Blood tests said they gave me Reumatoid Arthritis, although I prefer to think I don't.  However, since starting work in a supermarket six months ago my feet have become so painful that most days I was almost in tears by the end of the day.  Since starting to use The Circulation Booster 3 weeks ago I'm actually able to walk naturally again with very little discomfort.  It would have to be some of the best money I have ever spent.  Thank you."     G.Holley, QLD.


"I have had a back injury for a while now.  The pain was so bad that it was difficult to do anything. Sometimes it was impossible to even dress myself.  It was most difficult at night because I couldn't sleep without medication.  I tried a number of different treatments without success.  Late November 2003 I started to use The Circulation Booster machine and I noticed instant pain relief and can now sleep comfortably at night.  I was very sceptical at first as nothing else I tried had worked and after experiencing the benefits.  Thank you for pain-free sleep."     K. B., Wantirna.


"I have had an Electro-Reflexologist machine now for about 5 months and the improvement in my circulation has been amazing.  I have epilepsy and was pleased to find that I can use The Circulation Booster without any interference to the brain.  Also, I have a sore knee and placing the pads on the area has been very beneficial.  I use the machine every second day for 30 minutes and set the frequency at about 10 for both sole and pads.  Some days if I think I need it, I will use The Circulation Booster twice (morning and night).  The beauty of it is that I don't have to leave my own home to have a treatment."     E. Farquharson, QLD.


"As a practicing therapist I spend much of my time on my feet.  Unfortunately, I have suffered from circulation problems for most of my life. In an effort to relieve this problem I came across an advertisement several months ago for The Circulation Booster and decided to try it out. 
I now use the machine more or less daily for approximately one hour and have found a pronounced improvement in myself and can emphatically state The Circulation Booster has been the main reason for this improvement to my wellbeing.  The normal setting that suits me is around frequency 16, however, friends relate to anywhere between 3 and 16.  This hour is spent reading, so I am both relaxing my mind whilst repairing my body."     B. Parker, Laidley.


"I suffer with severe ankle pain when walking and have been told that I need an ankle replacement. I've been using The Circulation Booster approximately twice daily and, after 3 weeks, I really do think that there is an improvement.  I have been told that I seem to be walking a lot better.  I am putting a lot of faith in this machine."     M. Richardson, VIC.


"I have been using The Circulation Booster for 6 weeks now.  As well as relieving me of back pain, I now have clean sinuses and am able to sleep all night for the first time in about 5 years.  I would recommend the machine for everybody. Thank you."     T Dayman, VIC.


"In November 2003 I purchased The Circulation Booster.  I use it every morning as soon as I get out of bed and every night before going to bed - for 30 minutes.  Since using this product, I am feeling less stressed and find it easier to walk and sleep at night.  Thank you for helping me to feel better and sleep much more comfortably."     G. N., Wandin.


"I have always had cold feet in bed and suffered frequent cramps in the arches.  I also have varicose veins above the ankles that throb and are painful if I stand for too long.  Since using The Circulation Booster machine my feet are warm all night with no cramp, and I have significant pain relief from the varicose veins.  I am able to walk three times a day without the veins becoming sore."     S. Corsalini, SA.


"Last night I had the best sleep I have had for a long time, noticeably better, following my Circulation Booster treatment."     M. Edge, Sydney.


"ER839 makes use of the Electrostatic waves to stimulate the body's circulatory, endocrine and nervous systems in order to achieve better blood circulation for improved body recovery.
In my practice, I have encountered patients who have menstrual problems and have difficulty taking painkillers or hormone treatments to reduce or relieve their symptoms.  These women are in their 50s or near menopausal age. After using ER839, their symptoms have reduced and the frequency of treatment using hormone therapy has also reduced.
This may not apply to all menstrual problems, however some women will respond well to this therapy.  This is similar to using Evening Primrose Oil to relieve menstrual problems, as it assists some patients but not all."     Dr Lim Kim Show, Singapore.


"On 11 June I purchased a Circulation Booster.  After using it three times a day for the first week, I now no longer have fluid around my feet.  I have dropped a shoe size!  I have been a masseuse for many years and practice reflexology with each massage.  I have hoped that someone would invent such a machine so that I too could have the benefits from Reflexology.  So thank you for this opportunity, I feel that the health benefits will be well worth the modest price."     June Bland, Moffat Beach, QLD.


"I have had an accumulation of toxins in my feet since taking pills to lower my blood pressure in 1977. My feet have been red and inflamed.  I have been using The Circulation Booster since October 2003 and have noticed a significant improvement in my condition.  The Circulation Booster has helped to break up the stagnant toxins in my feet and spread them through my legs and into my body to be expelled through sweat and water.  I have seen the redness dissipate in my feet and move as the toxins have been broken up.  In conjunction with The Circulation Booster, which I use three times per week, I also use your Far Infrared Sauna, Water Ionizer and QRS which complement this product and help to expel the toxins from my body."    Garry. A King, M.S. Nutritionist, Port Macquarie, QLD.


"I have been delighted with the effect of the electro-reflexology machine on the reduction of a condition of stress eczema on both of my feet as a result of a road accident.  I've tried everything over the last 4 years to clear it up without success until now."     Dr. J. Little DC., Pomona.


"I am writing to let you know that I am very pleased with The Circulation Booster.  I have had my unit for about one month now and I can already notice a marked difference in my feet.  I suffer from painful heal spurs and I have found that by using The Circulation Booster for 30 minutes every day the pain has gone.  Thank you for this great machine."    C. Beveridge, Sydney, NSW.


"I have incorporated The Circulation Booster into my reflexology practice. I put one of my older ladies on it before her last three reflexology sessions. She has had no feeling in one of her feet and toes for quite a few years since an accident. After the third session on the ER at a setting of 10 for fifteen minutes she could actually feel sensations in her feet during her reflexology session that she has never felt before. That was with a month in between each session!"    Jenny, Sydney, NSW.


"I purchased a Circulation Booster about 6 months ago.  My wife has found it extremely helpful as she broke her hip last August and this machine has been helpful for her.  She had great pain and now looks forward to using her machine twice a day for complete relief.  We would not be without it. I have a Far Infrared Sauna and I use both technologies.  My wife used to use the sauna but can't now, so she relies on her Circulation Booster.  I can recommend it to anyone in need."    R. V. QLD.


"I am writing to let you know that I have had my Circulation Booster for just two weeks and it has already helped me such a lot.  I have suffered from lower back pain for many years and now, (since using The Circulation Booster), have almost none.  I also find my legs (varicose veins) have improved and I seem to be more mobile in my knees.  Using the ER before I go to bed ensures a better sleep as well.  I thank you for your help and would recommend the treatment to other sufferers."     Name Withheld.


"Almost 1 month ago I purchased your Circulation Booster machine.  I have used it each day and so far I've had quite a lot of relief in my legs by stopping painful spasms.  I suffer from Peripheral Neuropathy, which causes weakness, numbness and pain in my hands and feet.  I am hoping with further use of this machine things may continue to improve.  I will aim to keep in touch with you on my progress."     M Wellard.


"I have chronic sciatica due to worn vertebra and since using The Circulation Booster twice daily I have noticed the pain has reduced and I don't need to take pain relief medication.  I am able to go walking three times a day without feeling any aggravation in the sciatic area."     G. Corsalini, SA.


"I suffer from inflammation of the sinuses and breathing through my nose can become sore.  The first time I used The Circulation Booster I was surprised that my sinuses seemed to relax and I could breathe without discomfort.  Since using it regularly I don't have the same amount of inflammation or discomfort."     M. Corsalini, SA.

Remember that your Circulation Booster will be of benefit in just about every condition because it stimulates your body's energy system and improves circulation.  This will have a wide-ranging effect since those systems flow all around your body.

If you have a condition that has not been mentioned in the handful of testimonials above and you want to find out if someone else has reported using The Circulation Booster successfully on it, just contract me and I'll try to find out.

Better still, get hold of me and I'll come and show you the machine and give you a  free trial  provided this can be conveniently arranged.

To obtain more information about The Circulation Booster, and try one out with a view to getting it for yourself or someone you care about, please contact -

Contact     Tim Leitch

Phone       +64 9 4491750

Cellphone   027 4921904

Email         Tim Leitch

* Free trial of The Circulation Booster at the discretion of Tim Leitch and subject to reasonable proximity or you must pay all travel costs.

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