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BAYS NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH - East Coast Bays, North Shore City

For the safety and protection of people and property in our area.

Outline of Neighbourhood Watch Support

Prevention of crime, protection of people and property, and maintaining standards of safety in a community is the responsibility of everyone.  It should not be left just to Police or other agencies.

Here's a way for you to play your part.  Remember, the closest support in any situation is that of your immediate neighbours.  Get to know them.

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We all must play a part in setting the standards we want for our society, and the maintenance of them.  You are welcome to participate.  Indeed, you should so that you benefit from the collective security that Neighbourhood Watch provides.

Find out more ...  Then take a positive step to participate with BaysWatch - Neighbourhood Watch in East Coast Bays or wherever else you may be.


What is Neighbourhood Watch / Support


Neighbourhood Watch is -

  • A volunteer personal and community support programme, focussed primarily on personal safety and property, that can operate effectively in your area if you are willing to play your part.

  • A self-defined area (often residential) or situation determined by those who choose to be involved.

  • A level and extent of Watch or Support or activity as participants choose.

  • It can be extended into any locality or situation of human activity.  Examples range from residential, business, schools, parks, community areas, boat ramps, marinas, to rural areas.

  • A fuller association with other relevant community defenders such as Police, Fire Service, Civil Defence, etc.

A major focus is on minimising the opportunities for crime to occur.  This can be done by the promotion of better lookout for unusual activity in an area and taking positive steps to check it out or report it.  observation of personal safety and property practices through a network of neighbourhood co-operation and Police support.


Objectives Of Neighbourhood Watch / Support

  • To prevent burglaries by keeping on eye on neighbours' properties in their absence.

  • To assist the Police by reporting any suspicious persons or vehicles in the area.

  • Assist neighbours in times of need or emergency.

  • Foster community spirit by creating communication between people in the neighbourhood.

  • Encouraging people to join by promoting the aims of Neighbourhood Watch.


Find out more


Find out more about the BaysWatch Network in East Coast Bays from Principal Co-ordinator Tim Leitch.
Give me a call on 4491750  or email me as shown below or use the Feedback link.

Or speak with Bays Community Constable at the Browns Bay Policing Centre  (see North Shore network page)

Then play your part in whatever way you can for the safety of yourself, those you care about and other people in your community. 


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