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Tim Leitch shines a light on subjects of interest

Surveys & Loss Adjusting

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Tim Leitch

Loss Adjuster

The scales of Justice

appropriate to

the loss adjusting profession.

Contact Information

Telephone:  +64  9  4491750

Fax:            +64  9   4491751

Cellular:      +64 27  4921904

Experienced in the fields of -
insurance claims
and general enquiries.
A specialist in cargo claims.

General Loss Enquiries

Cargo Claim Specialist

Cargo Surveyor

Cargo Tracing

Recoveries Consultant

Risk Management

Liquidation Enquiries

Business Enquiries



North Shore City

New Zealand

Nearest Port = Port of Auckland 

Please phone or email for my actual postal address as it is not shown for security reasons.

Business Profile

Tim Leitch has been adjusting claims, surveying losses, investigating claims and other issues and conducting enquiries of various sorts for over 33 years.

  • He has the experience to investigate commercial matters across a wide range of industries searchingly and report essential details effectively.

  • He has the ability to enquire into complex issues in any field and across the whole range of participants from shop floor to boardroom.

  • He has a very good reputation for maintaining his independence and integrity and sees this as a vital part of being an independent Adjuster.

  • He has developed a particular speciality in cargo claims from both the insurance perspective and the transportation perspective.

Developing from a trainee surveyor, Tim advanced to being a Director of a Loss Adjusting firm and now operates his own practice.

Tim Leitch has also served a term as City Councillor in fast-growing North Shore City.  This gave him even broader experience with the business sector, in addition to local government administration, planning and judicial matters, politics and a wide range of community matters.

If you want someone to get to the bottom of any matter and get the facts to enable it to be resolved, you will gain advantage from engaging Tim Leitch.


Tim Leitch has held, during his career, professional qualifications and memberships with the following industry associations.

  • Institute of Loss Adjusters of NZ Inc.

  • Australasian Institute of Chartered Loss Adjusters

  • The New Zealand Insurance Institute

  • The Australian Insurance Institute 

  • Australia & New Zealand Institute of Insurance & Finance

  • NZ Society for Risk Management.

With sufficient support from the claims industry he would be keen to regain appropriate associations.

My Mission

  • To be a leading provider of independent and impartial enquiry and loss adjusting services to allow claims or other commercial matters of any type to be sorted out and resolved.

  • To efficiently progress enquiries in a courteous manner to get essential information and keep parties informed.

  • To promptly issue fair and impartial reports on the matter subject of enquiry - reports that are succinct yet perceptive in the relevant detail provided while clearly enunciating relevant aspects;  reports that will be accepted as substantive evidence for any action.

  • To responsibility attend to any instruction while maintaining a fair, balanced and impartial approach appropriate to my profession as an independent Loss Adjuster.

Services Provided

Claim Loss Adjusting                                                      Click

Enquiry and loss adjusting services to insurance underwriters, claims managers, brokers, business operators and others involved in claims of any type.

Cargo Surveying                                                             Click

Surveying services on any cargo movement or loss for cargo owners, underwriters, shipping companies, carriers, airlines, transport operators, forwarders or any parties involved in the transportation of goods.

Cargo Tracing                                                                Click

Cargo tracing services effectively following all available leads for any cargo owner, underwriter or any other party who has lost goods in the transportation or storage of goods.  Service also usable by shipping companies, carriers, airlines, transport operators, forwarders or storage operators.

Risk Management                                                            Click

Risk management services to any party seeking to control potential risk or minimise potential losses.

Liquidation enquiry                                                         Click

Enquiry services to determine and clarify issues for Receivers and Liquidations in relating to business liquidation and attendant contractual relationships with any party.

Business enquiry                                                             Click

Enquiry services to clarify issues relating to contractual relationships for any sector of commerce, business or any other party on any matter.

Recoveries                                                                     Click

Claim and loss recovery services for any party wishing to recoup losses from or liabilities of another.

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