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Loss Adjusting

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"An independent Loss Adjuster is always utilised to determine a fair and reasonable measure of any loss claimable under an insurance policy." 

At one time, this was a fundamental hallmark of the Insurance industry.  It was an essential corollary to the principle of "Uberrimae Fides" (utmost good faith) that both parties to the contract undertook.

You can easily appreciate why.   An insured was parting with his or her money as the premium for an undertaking on the part of the underwriter to bear the risk of loss on agreed terms.  In return he expected a fair and reasonable settlement of any loss he might sustain that fell within the terms of the insurance.  That required determination by a party without any involvement or interest in the contract.  The professional independent Adjuster fills that role.

Tim Leitch, Loss Adjuster

Tim Leitch has 33 years experience in the field of Insurance Loss Adjusting, all of that as an Independent Adjuster.  He has an excellent reputation for maintaining integrity and independence in all dealings.  He always works hard to gain the cooperation of parties and to achieve satisfactory outcomes.

He is perceptive, and searching with his enquiries - appropriate to the situation being looked into.  He will always attend promptly to any requirements.

Tim's experience covers a broad range of business in the insurance claims and investigation field.  Whilst specialising in marine cargo, over the years he has done everything from Worker's Compensation to Engineering to Vehicles to Fires and Floods to Public and Professional Liabilities.

Feel free to discuss with Tim his capability for any investigation.

Key Benefits of using Tim Leitch as the independent Adjuster

  • Expertise developed over many years applied to your claim.

  • Independent and fair consideration given to any aspect of the loss.

  • Focus applied to significant aspects that are relevant to the case.

  • Broad range of experience drawn on in weighing up all factors.

  • Relevant Issues reported in a clear and succinct style, adaptable to your requirements.

Feel free to discuss anything further with Tim Leitch on +64 9 4491750.


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