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QLN Subjects

[ Bioenergy ]  

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History of Subjects covered 


This gives you some idea of the scope of subjects that Quality Life Network has had the benefit of learning about at Browns Bay, North Shore City.

QLN Presentations

Held at Bays Community House, Glen Road, Browns Bay on 1st Sunday of month (or as indicated)




1 Jun ’03


4 May ’03

Environmental Consciousness Tricia Cheel

6 Apr ’03

Energetic Wellness Bryce Brown

2 Mar ’03

Sovereignty and The Law Bill Turner




1 Dec ’02

Party - Party - Party  

3 Nov ’02

Toward a Theory of Health Toni Jeffreys

6 Oct ’02

Localisation NOT Globalisation + Monetary Reform Michael Lane

1 Sept ’02

Become your own person - Learn to Dowse Don Cave

4 Aug ’02

Urban Lifestyles - without polluting our planet Tricia Cheel

7 July ’02

Worms & urban worm farming Derek Barrett-Boyes

2 June ’02

Yoga for health Mahareggie Charlton

5 May ’02

Political opportunity G.S.Oden

4 Apr ’02

Chinese Energy Therapy Angela Ning Chang

24 Feb ’02

Massage to enhance health Eva Scherer, TLH Trust




25 Nov ’01

Mind - Spirit Connection - secrets of tuning your mind to your spirit to consciously receive higher thoughts and effective guidance. Greg Villers, Natural therapist

28 Oct ’01

Energy to Burn - the secrets to possessing vitality, energy and abundant good health. Don Cave, Natural health practitioner

30 Sep ’01

Anti-GE scene in New Zealand and internationally Jon Carapiet

2 Sep ’01

Mind Power and Yoga Reg Charlton

5 Aug ’01

A fascinating insight into H2O Alvin Crosby,
Water Expert

1 Jul ’01

New gentle technique for treating the nervous system to help many chronic health problems Janine Dobson, Chiropractor

3 Jun ’01

Binding Citizens’ Initiated Referenda

Therapeutic Goods Act – Single Joint Authority concerns

Walter Booth

David Holden

6 May ’01

NZ Native Plant & Herb remedies

Angela Chadwick

1 Apr ’01

Women’s health issues (Waiake Methodist Hall)

Wingrid computer programme

Lynda Wharton

Jim-ekus Legg

4 Mar ’01

Practical Healing and Energy Restoration using Key energies

Danny McBride




3 Dec ’00

Interdimensional Spiritual Healing

Judy Martin / Abraham

3 Nov ’00

Modern Food Health Hazards

David Holden

1 Oct ’00

Aurasoma Healing with Vibrational Colours

Linda Holt

3 Sep ’00

Odyssey Tours – Inca civilisations Peru (great photos)

Robyn Michael

6 Aug ’00

Our Love of Children Foundation

Bryce Brown

2 Jul ’00

Timeline Therapy. Healing the past & creating the future

Wendy Mount

4 Jun ’00

Skybiz 2000

Valemma Wright

7 May ’00

Natural Organic Oils

Peter & Tania Murray

2 Apr ’00


David Holden

5 Mar ’00

Bioptron light healing

Jenny Hammond




5 Dec ’99

Party to Welcome Home Brian Corcoran


7 Nov ’99

Election Political Review            Alliance


                                               New Millenium Party

HeatherAnn McConachie

Bera MacClement

Greg Villers

3 Oct ’99

RAGE Revolt Against Genetic Engineering

Rosanne Bush

5 Sep ’99

Organics and Genetic Modification issues

Meriel Watts



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