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QLN Philosophy

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QLN Philosophy



The Quality Life Network is a worldwide network of people whose thinking reflects Natural Philosophy.

"Natural philosophy holds that in order to improve our quality of life we must harmonise with the natural laws that provide the fundamental qualities of harmony, optimal efficiency, stability and sustainability inherent in Nature. These laws must be of primary importance in respect to our thinking and actions."

That is to say, the Quality Life Network is a network of people who hold the view that our quality of life can only be improved to the extent we fit in with the natural world and harmonise with its way of functioning.

We deplore the Humanistic ego-centred thinking that dominates our modern world and leads to Nature being manipulated to served human needs based on subjective interpretation of experience without taking into account the consequences and likely detrimental effects.  These latter often don't manifest themselves until some later time by which point the perpetrators have passed on. 

You are welcome to consider our Natural Philosophy to provide you with some guidance to your life. 


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