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Safe Water

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 SAFE Fluoride-Free Water

It concerns me that some local authorities in continue to add hydrofluorosilic acid (HFA) to what are supposed to be safe, potable (drinkable) water supplies.  More and more evidence has emerged about the adverse health effects of this practice. HFA is a waste product of the phosphate fertiliser industry.

 Even the July 2000 edition of the American Dental Association magazine front-paged an article that attested once again to any (small) benefit of fluoride coming from topical application. That means it is best applied to teeth and doesn't need to be swallowed. When ingested studies show that some 50% will remain and accumulate in body systems, especially bones.   What will the long-term effect of this be? That is known, and it is frightening.

Further studies show that dental fluorosis affects some 25% of the population. Fluorosis is not just a cosmetic problem, it actually shows the first signs of fluoride poisoning.

For more information on this whole sorry issue go to the website of the Fluoride Information Network, an international organisation of volunteers drawing attention to the mounting evidence that the practice of compulsory water fluoridation is wrong.  www.fluoridealert.org

Take a look at this recent letter to the Minister of Health by Dr Robert Anderson, a Member of Physicians & Scientists for Responsible Genetics.

OPEN LETTER TO the former Minister of Health
Dear Minister,

I am appalled to hear that you, our 'Minister of Health', are considering over-ruling public concern by handing carte blanche the fluoridation decision to the Ministry of Health, irrespective of citizens' views.
Helen Clark's concern over 'primary' health care in her interview with
Linda Clark on Face the Nation recently belies the facts - surely not feeding New Zealanders fluoride or GE foods will assist with improving the nation's health and reduce calls on the primary health care system.
Fluoride is a toxic waste by-product of phosphate fertiliser production and aluminium manufacturing. Consequently, the disposal of this hazardous waste is costly. Industry has found it cheaper to support a clever innovative economic scheme, backed of course by `scientific research', into the benefits of consuming this lethal waste.

To sell it to cities as a health product rather than having to dispose of it properly is a brilliant coup.

Quite apart from our democratic rights, there is ample irrefutable
evidence that the fluoridation of water is dangerous to human health. Having sufficient toxic chemicals nourishing our cancer burden in NZ, you envisage adding yet another?
This policy is still based on the arguments of 1960-that fluoridation of
water supplies is effective in reducing tooth decay and is absolutely safe. For years the Government has ignored the overall health effects of fluoridation and has failed to carry out health surveys on the effects of fluoridation.
Government has persisted in justifying its policy solely on dental health grounds. but these assumptions are not valid. This is evidenced by many studies in countries where long-term dental health records have been analysed.
Not one statistically acceptable trial exists which proves that
fluoridation benefits teeth. Recent world-wide studies involving 480,000 children found no significant differences in tooth decay between fluoridated and non-fluoridated communities.
In 1987, the largest US study into the effects of fluoride, involving
39,207 children aged 5-17, revealed no difference in the decay of teeth between fluoridated and non-fluoridated areas.
Studies show:
Accumulated fluoride leads to increased osteoporosis among middle-aged women and increased hip fractures in the elderly;

Bone cancer among young males has been found to be up to seven times more common in fluoridated than in non-fluoridated areas of the USA;

In a 1977 study, cancer deaths in fluoridated US cities were 10% higher compared to cancer deaths in non-fluoridated cities; Very low levels of fluoride can interfere with the male hormone testosterone.
The most worrying health damage is to the nervous system. Studies in China show reduced IQ in children over-exposed to fluoride from drinking water.
Fluoride has been shown to combine with aluminium to cross the blood-brain barrier producing effects similar to those found in Alzheimers sufferers.
Faced with this increasing body of epidemiological evidence of the danger of long-term ingestion of fluoride it is no surprise that virtually all of Europe as well as Japan, Germany and Sweden have long since discontinued fluoridating their water. Yet you still aim to force-feed us this poison?
While Governments have become increasingly arrogant and contemptuous of its public, this particular inconceivable disregard for health leaves me flabbergasted.
Dr Robert Anderson
Member Physicians and Scientists for Responsible Genetics

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