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Keeping you in touch

To see what I have tried to do for our community and convey to you through the media, check out articles that have been published,  my letters to editors and my press releases here.  They are in chronological order.

At the foot of this page I also detail recent changes to my website.

Articles - Recent  Media  Coverage  of  Tim Leitch

  • 0% Interest - Beating the loan burden, NZ Local Government, August 2001
    See the magazine for more details. Transcript to appear here soon.  See the Article 1 for copy.

  • Governor should be more constructive, Shore News, 22 August 2001
    See the Article 2 for copy.

  • Plan to save city millions, Shore News, 13 June 2001
    See the Article 3 for copy.

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Press  Releases

Look for press releases covering significant issues as they arise.

Letters to the Editor

Letters that Tim Leitch has sent to news Editors recently.

  • Controlling Weeds or Council, North Shore Times, 2 October 2001
    See my letter Letter 8 for this.

  • Genetic Spin-Doctoring, Shore News, 24 September 2001
    See my letter Letter 7 for this.

  • GE Contamination - a threat, North Shore Times, 15 September 2001
    See my letter Letter 6 for this.

  • Dangers of casting vote misuse - to impose new chemical weed policy, North Shore Times, 31 August 2001
    See my letter Letter 5 for this.

  • Reserve Bank Loans - mere policy making, North Shore Times, 20 August 2001
    See my letter Letter 4 for this.

  • Making (cents) sense. MPs need to rethink low interest finance, North Shore Times, 23 April 2001
    See my letter Letter 3 for this.

  • Power change not legal, North Shore Times, 22 August 2000
    See my letter Letter 2 for this.

  • Dental & Health Enigma, Shore News, 23 August 2000
    See my letter Letter 1 for this.

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Web  Changes

Here I keep you in touch with the most recent additions to my website. If you've visited before and want to know what's changed, take a look here to find out.

  •  Tim Leitch adds latest Police Community Constable views                     15-10-01

BaysWatch = Constable River Lamb on suspicious behaviour. Go Police update Browns Bay beat.

  •  Tim Leitch letter "Control Weeds or Council" to NS Times         2-10-01

News = Insights into appalling saga of Council resorting to toxic chemicals.  See Letter 8.

  •  Tim Leitch adds letter "Genetic Spin-Doctoring" to Shore News 24-09-01

News = How dare Les Mills Takapuna promote genetic engineering !  See Letter 7.

  •  Tim Leitch adds article from NZ Local Government Magazine  23-09-01

News = See my interesting article "Beating the loan burden"  designed at raising interest in the local government sector for wider advocacy on saving the wastage of ratepayer dollars.  Go Article 1.



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