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Weed Control


 Toxic Chemicals

Have you noticed how much toxic chemical spraying for weed control goes on in streets and public areas around our City?

I'm concerned every time I see the published list in the local newspaper.

At one time North Shore City maintained a policy of avoiding toxic chemical application as much as it could.  More latterly weed control practices seem to be going contrary to this once people-safe policy.  I want to know who's allowing this to happen?

Council should be maintaining the safe, people friendly weed control policy that once existed.  It was developed because of strong public concerns about the hazard to living being of toxins.

Council policy used to make its intent very clear by an opening preamble reading -

"North Shore City as part of its commitment to Healthy Cities has a policy of encouraging and promoting environmentally sensitive methods of weed control in the city."

This was strongly reinforced with further statements like -

Use of chemicals

"As a matter of policy North Shore City is endeavouring to encourage and promote environmentally sensitive methods of weed control."


"Residents will be encouraged to use environmentally sensitive methods of weed control within their own properties and also take responsibility for the maintenance of the frontages of their properties by cutting the grass berms and controlling weed growth."

Methods of weed control

"Methods of weed control will continue to be assessed to ensure that there methods are appropriate for use in public areas.  In assessing the appropropriateness of any method, consideration will be given to factors such as ... potential toxicity, human and environmental safety."

"Council will seek alternative environmentally sensitive methods of weed control by carrying out regular information searches in order to keep abreast of new techniques and will trial these as appropriate."


Yes, the policy does refers to use of chemicals but only for "limited use of chemical to areas where it is not practical or economical to use other methods."

We need to get back to this people-safe position.

I know all about this because I fought to halt the use of chemical herbicides that could be detrimental to some people's health and to the environment in 1993 was when I was last on Council.  After a number of debates and a workshop to examine the whole subject we were able to find a way to adopt the environmentally friendly and people friendly chemical-free hot water system.

To those who claim that glysophate has caused them no harm, I say, show some consideration and compassion to others in your community who are acutely affected by toxic chemicals.  They have the same rights to walk down a public street without suffering the health consequences that occur to them from the use of herbicide chemical concoctions. 

Where there is concern about the appearance of weeds on some street, Councillors should insist on better performance by the contractor involved and so maintain the effectiveness of a method free from use of toxic chemical herbicides. 

Some people may survive many years before the loading of the body systems with toxins starts to cause problems but others do succumb to toxic chemicals more quickly.  Why cause people to suffer the consequences when the cheaper and more effective hot foam method of weed control could be utilised.  I continue to advocate it.


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