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Significant EMF News

WARNING!  EMF radiation from this PC depletes your bioenergy! Get protection for your safety!

Your body has an energy signalling system that's vital for its proper function. See Energy Systems.  You need to protect it!
Don't exposure yourself to EMFs without protection. You wouldn't expose yourself to the sun for hours - you'd get skin cancer soon enough.  EMF is invisible and every day EMF stress affects your body putting your health at risk; a wide range of symptoms result. Just read What Doctors warnEMF radiation depletes bioenergy, compromising your immune system! There is a cumulative effect. Take advantage of my website to find out more about these modern day hazards.
An amazing new protection that really works is now available with GIA Wellness. You can avoid adverse health risks and enjoy a New Generation of Wellness in an increasingly electropolluted world. Electropollution is a real environmental toxin.

Especially don't expose your child to EMFs. They have a lifetime more to bear this and the full extent of risks is not yet known!

Here are some very significant pieces of news that have appeared in various media that you really need to be aware of.





Warnings of Scientists & Doctors


Benevento statement

19 September 2006

ICEMS The International Commission for Electromagnetic Safety and the City of Benevento, Italy issue precautionary statement over EMFs. Benevento caution signed  by scientists

BfS German Federal Agency for Radiation Protection

31 January 2006

Germany authority finally issues warning against use of DECT cordless phones to reduce health risks from exposure to EMF radiation. Federal agency warns against cordless phone use 

Freiberger Appeal

Spring 2002

IGUMED - Doctors in Germany say they can no longer ignore that many common illnesses are result from exposure to EMF radiation. Doctors warn illness results from EMF exposure

BBC News

1 March 1999

Leading scientists cut down or modified their personal use of mobile phones as fears mount that they can damage health. Research links mobile phone use to memory loss. Scientists avoid mobile use due health risks

Breast  Cancer


ABC News

7 July 2006

9th woman in 12 years diagnosed with breast cancer while working at ABC newsroom Brisbane. 9th ABC newsroom breast cancer

Breast Cancer Action

June 2006

EMF exposure cause of breast cancer in females & males - abstracts from 2006 "State of the Evidence" report. Breast cancer 2006 - EMF cause

EMF Portal


Household (inc computer) exposure to EMFs causes increase in breast cancer - seen in older women - more with over 3 hours exposure per day. Home EMFs increase breast cancer

Brain  Cancer


International Journal of Cancer

February 2007

40% increase in gliomas, a type of brain tumor, among those who had used a cell phone for 10 or more years.  Research in 5 European countries. Glioma brain tumours with 10 yrs cellphone use

Swedish National Institute for Working Life

March 2006

Long-term mobile phone use raises brain tumour risk
240% increased risk for malignant tumour.
Mobiles & brain tumours

Journal of Oncology

February 2006

Study shows significant increases in the risk of benign brain tumours following use of mobile telephones. Acoustic neuromas

Sun Sentinel

2 Otober 2005

Compensation of US$30,000- to woman who suffered brain cancer from cellphone use at work.  1st such awards by judiciary in USA. US$30k payout - brain cancer cellphone use at work

Other  Cancer


The Moss Reports

September 2005

Evidence that radiofrequency EMF exposure does cause cancer. Issue examined by a leading independent cancer information service. RF does cause cancer

BBC News

14 October 2004

Using a mobile phone for 10 years or more increases the risk of ear tumours by four times - findings by Karolinska Institute, Sweden.  Acoustic neuroma is a benign tumour in the auditory nerve, which can cause brain and nerve damage. Ear tumour risk  increases 4-fold after 10 year's mobile use

Eye  Damage


Technion Research

July 2005

Link between microwave radiation - similar to type found in cellphones - and human eye & visual damage.  Accumulating effects over time that do not heal. Visual damage from EMFs

CBC Health & Science

16 November 2004

Workers who spend hours staring at a computer screen may be at increased risk for glaucoma, a gradual disease of the optic nerve leading to loss of peripheral vision. Screen use increases risk of glaucoma

Cumulative Effect & DNA  Damage


Environmental Health Perspectives

May 2004

University of Washington researchers found prolonged exposure to low-level magnetic fields - like those from  hair dryers, coffee makers and electric blankets - can damage brain cell DNA. Cumulative effect and
 DNA damage from
EMF exposure

News @ Nature.com

21 December 2004

REFLEX study finds EMF radiation from mobile phones could harm DNA in human cells and cause chronic disease Mobiles damage DNA

Greater Hazard to Children


Int. Journal of Cancer

1 August 2006

Japanese research finds children exposed to 4mG (0.4µT) or more Magnetic Fields in their bedrooms had close to 5 times more leukemia than those living in low-exposure homes. Child leukaemia 5x higher in bedrooms with Magnetic Fields

Nine MSN report

7 June 2004

Dr. Charlie Teo, a pre-eminent neurosurgeon at cutting edge of 21% increase in children's brain tumours - links with mobile phones and EMR. Child brain tumors from EMF exposure

Ezine News

January 2005

Cellphones endanger children. Parental warning based on 4 studies conducted in Europe that  indicating the potential hazards of cellphone use have been underestimated. Cellphones endanger children
William Thomas review

July 2003

Researcher review of risks with cellphone use and increased hazard for children. Cellphones worse for child

UK Sunday Mirror

27 December 2001

Spanish Neuro Diagnostic Research Institute scientists find cellphone call lasting just 2 minutes alters natural electrical activity of a child's brain for up to an hour afterwards. Cellphones - child brain effect shock

Western Daily Press

12 May 2000

Health fears for the mobile generation.  Ground-breaking Bristol research — the first official statement that mobile phones can cause physiological changes and emissions do cause “subtle biological changes”.  Children are most at risk. Health fears from mobiles - child most at risk

Men's  Health


NZ Herald
Cleveland Clinic

25 October 2006

Mobile phones identified as cause of reduced sperm production in men, scientists say.  New research shows  reduction in sperm count to just 18% Mobile phones cause reduced sperm production

BBC News

27 June 2004

MSN .com

June 2004

Research by Andrology Unit, University of Szeged, Hungary.

Radiation from mobile phones could cut the number of sperm a man has by a third.

Men who carry their mobiles near their groin could have sperm count reduced by 30%

Carrying a mobile phone can significantly affect male fertility

Lower sperm from cellphone near groin


Other  Health  Risks

Sunday News

5 February 2006

Dangers of radiation from cordless phones - shock report of Swedish scientists. Higher radiation than from cellphone towers common. Cordless phone radiation at seriously high levels common  
Korean Times

5 February 2006

10.9% of respondents felt physical disorders due to cell phone usage.  Most common symptoms - complaints of brief deafness, headaches, tiredness, inability to concentrate.

11% complain of physical disorders from phone use radiation
Popular Science

February 2004

Researchers at Sweden's Lund University provide unambiguous link between brain damage and microwave radiation emitted by GSM mobile phones. Mobiles radiation breaches blood brain barrier 
Microwave News

Jan - February 2003

Extremely low doses of GSM radiation at level 100 to 1000 times lower than exposure standard can cause brain neuron damage. Non-thermal levels. More researcher at Sweden's Lund University GSM phone radiation at levels below standards causes brain neuron 
Swedish & Finnish studies

September 1999  &
June 2002

Another 2 research reports finding leakage in blood brain barrier caused by microwave radiation of cellphone transmissions. Blood brain barrier leakage with cellphone radiation

BBC News

11 May 1999

Mobile phones should carry a health warning says Headway National Injuries Association, a charity caring for people with head injuries.

Mobile phones should carry health warning due to health risks

North South Magazine

February 2006

Avoid being a sitting duck for Avian flue - protect your vital bioenergy North South sitting ducks

Legal  &  Liabilities


Sun Sentinel

2 Otober 2005

Compensation of US$30,000- to woman who suffered brain cancer from cellphone use at work.  1st such awards by judiciary in USA. US$30k payout - brain cancer cellphone use at work

Earthpulse Press

21 July 2004

Legal concerns, product liability, insurance and risk management concerns with cellphones.

Insurance risks

The Observer, UK

11 April 1999

Leading Lloyd's underwriter declines to insure celllphone suppliers against the risk of damage to users' health.

Reinsurers decline risk


You have a sophisticated body electronics system that is vital to its function.  So don't allow yourself to be exposed to health risks invisibly imposed by EMF radiation from electric & magnetic fields and pulsed microwave transmission signals, which are at frequencies that disrupt your brain and cellular functions.  Cellphone and cordless phone use does carry well-established risks!  EMF stress occurs with all other electric and electronic devices, too.  There are adverse health effects - see What Doctors Warn.  Scientific studies have shown that EMF exposure has a cumulative effect, increasing over time.   Be sure to reduce the risks for your children who face a lifetime of exposure and those with poorer health conditions, they are especially at risk.  For an appreciation of this start at Child Risks.

Depletion of your body's bioenergy causes a lowered energetic capability, at a fundamental atomic level.  See Atoms & EMF.  Disturbance of it's inherent bioenergetic system results in disruptions to cellular functions and a compromised immune system.  Start at Energy Systems.  Quite simply, your body systems are no longer able to work in the way that they would if such destructive interference from EMR was not imposed on you.  To see how human energies are affected by common electronic devices see bioenergy test charts showing patterns typical of that experienced by everyone from Human Tests.

If you can't understand why the authorities are allowing you to be exposed to such risks, start at my Research page.  So-called "safety" regulations only consider thermal (tissue heating) effects, but frighteningly disregard low frequency biological effects. Strong vested interests resist change to this in spite of mounting evidence.  For your own health and safety, and sustainable wellness, you need to adopt the Precautionary Principle with some urgency to avoid the risks of the invisible hazard of EMR that do compromise your health.  You can now make use of the amazing new GIA Wellness protection available to reduce the effects of EMR, and have the chance to enjoy sustainable wellness.  See GIA Wellness Protection Products.

Find out more so you can immediately protect yourself and achieve optimal health in our increasingly electropolluted world.


Health and safety needs to be treated seriously.  Be sure to get GIA Wellness (formerly Biopro Technology) protection for others that you care about, too.  Tell others about my website and the wealth of information it provides so they can avail themselves of this and the amazing new Biopro protection against the adverse health risks of increasing exposure to EMF in our modern technological world.


Others to assist in worthwhile protection enterprise?

Do you know of any enterprising people who care about others and may like to join with me in this worthwhile undertaking of providing protection to others from this growing  EMF radiation hazard?  You'll enjoy an additional income stream, too.

* Free Bioenergy test subject to product purchase and reasonable proximity to me or you pay travel costs, all at my discretion.

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