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Tim Leitch

Tim Leitch is an insurance Loss Adjuster with 33 years experience in investigating and resolving claims.  He also has experience as a Company Director and Company Secretary.

Tim Leitch served our local community as a North Shore Council Councillor for the term 1992-5 when he was Deputy Chairman of the District Plan Hearings Committee.  He was a member and Deputy Chairman of the East Coast Bays Community Board then as well.  He stood again in October 2001 but wasn't successful.

Tim has lived in the Bays for 26 years and been a direct ratepayer for much of this time.  This may be why he questions why rates have to increase every years.

Just a few of the community organisations he's been involved with include -

  • BaysWatch - Bays Neighbourhood Watch / Support Network

  • East Coast Bays Coastal Protection Society

  • Torbay Historical Society

  • Windsor Park Stadium Board

  • MetLife Stadium Board

Tim is keen on ballroom dancing and has enjoyed this pastime for a number of years.

Tim is also a football referee and likes to help with maintaining sportsmanship in soccer across the grades.


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