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Commercial Enquiry

Need to get to the bottom of things in an commercial matter where there is uncertainty?
Make use of Tim Leitch's experience in commercial matters across a wide range of industries to investigate issues and establish the facts to the degree necessary to provide the insight you require.  He has an excellent reputation for maintaining integrity and independence in all dealings and always works to gain a cooperative and satisfactory outcome.  I can provide photographic illustration to display the real situation where property is concerned.

Key Benefits

  • Make use of my 35 years experience in fields of surveying, research and investigations of commercial matters, mostly as an independent practitioner, to get gain clarification of matters.

  • Clear and comprehensive reporting to provide clear documentary evidence, produced in a timely manner.

  • Photographic illustration for easy visual identification of physical property and its condition.

  • Use of considerable expertise to carry out enquiries and inspections to clarify associated matters and verify information.


Feel free to talk with Tim Leitch about providing what you need in the most timely and economic way.  You will gain the benefit of a helpful and experienced surveyor to provide what you, as the principal might want from enquiries, surveys and reporting for whatever use you may have.

Phone Tim Leitch on +64 9 449 1750, fax him on +64 9 449 1751 or email him on


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